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Vermont mountains

Vermont mountains

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do you like FREE money?

So, do you like FREE money, as in Paypal or Amazon giftcards? If you do want these things, then consider signing up through my Swagbucks referral link on the side of this page. Once you get the hang of the website, it is SO WORTH IT! You can earn at least TWO $5 Amazon giftcards a month, just by searching 3 times a day, like you would with Google. That's $120 in Amazon money in a year!!! That's the bare minimum! Even better, if you put a little time into it, you can earn even more....through your own referrals, finding the daily codes, doing special offers, and shopping through the website. ALL FOR FREE! And I am always here to answer questions and help you navigate the site! Consider it for me, ok? :)


  1. I've been a member of swagbucks for almost a year and I *love* it! Saving all my bucks up for amazon gift cards :D