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Vermont mountains

Vermont mountains

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Free Amazon Dollars, How Shall I Spend Thee?

Yes, you read that title correctly...I said FREE Amazon dollars! As in $25, to be precise! I tried to do a screenshot of my Amazon balance, but the image wouldn't display properly on here. I earned that $25 through Swagbucks, which I have blogged about before. You can scroll down through my previous posts to learn how to use Swagbucks, then sign up through my referral link on the right side of the page. And, as always, I'm available to guide you through the Swagbucks process. Just ask!

I'm thinking, since I'm a huge Twi-Mom freak, that I will probably place an order today for the "New Moon" dvd/plus computer viewing through Amazon. Then, tomorrow, the online movie viewing will be available on my computer for 24 hours, and in just a couple days, my DVD will be in my greedy little hands!

Why am I, at almost 38 years old, obsessed with the Twilight Series? Well, that's another blog post for another day. But, please comment here if you love Twilight too! Happy Friday!

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  1. I off to investigate these Swag Bucks you speak of! Enjoy your new DVD!